To sell a car in Dubai is as easy as 1,2,3

Selling a car is quite easy now:

Whenever it comes to sell a car in uae, it’s an easy process. Start off by making sure that your used car is in a decent condition, to avoid any hassles in future. Also don’t forget to note that getting your documents, fines and renewals sorted beforehand is essential and also makes the entire process that much smoother. Selling a car in Dubai or uae is now easy due to development in automotive industry both offline and online. But one should know where to sell a car in Dubai and how.

Selling used car, a nightmare or fairytale:

Well, whether it’s time to upgrade to a new baby, or you are simply just leaving the country, selling your used car in Dubai can either be your worst nightmare or a fairytale dream. And since latter is quite far better, here’s how to sell your used car in just 3 simple steps. But before you start, you need to ensure that car itself is in such a condition that’s “ready to sell”. Whenever you are on way to sell a car, make sure that car is ready like a groom for sale.

To ensure car’s condition:

This actually means a few things need to be in order, you should have all your required paperwork, past and present , with you(or almost all of it collected so that no piece of information is left out).As the seller , you also need to ensure that the car itself is in a decent condition, old or new –all from interior details to the exterior , make sure that car is as attractive to its new owner as it was once to you.It’s quite smart and also in a seller’s best interest , to be completely honest about the used car’s current condition and if it might can be improved will be  even better.

Once it’s done now to sell a car is as easy as 1,2,3:

Start by finding a potential buyer:

There are few ways you can go about finding a buyer for your used car for sale in Dubai.

1-The most comfortable choice is to consider going directly to one of Dubai used car dealerships in Ras Al Khor or Al Aweer. This used car marketplace is almost popular amongst locals and expat looking for their first or second cars and at this stage the potential buyer is essentially the dealership. Just keep this fact in mind because these dealerships almost guarantee the purchase of your used car, they may offer you a slightly lower price than private sale. Moreover, what this method enables is a sense of security to sell a car when it comes to any future paperwork required later.

2-You can also try one of Dubai’s most popular car buying companies, by just searching online, where many of them use almost same process to evaluate your used car. Sites like SellAnyCar, Car Switch, Crazycarcorner and webuycar are among the reputable, however depending on the deal you are actually looking for, you also desire to compare at least a few. The process to sell a car itself is quite simple, you can use site to enter the details of your car and essentially book an appointment for an onsite-evaluation or inspection. From these, the Dubai dealership will offer you a quote for your used car.

3-You could also look at selling your used car privately and start off by simply listing your used car on one of the many second hand car sites like dubizzle or even your local community Facebook pages. To enhance your search, try out places like supermarket or apartment building noticeboards, different community newspapers or you can also even place a small advertisement in auto magazines.

Show flexibility on price of car:

Once you have found a prospective buyer (or a dealership with whom you are comfortable with), let them inspect the car properly before they decide. And if you are in hurry to make sale of your used car, it’s advisable to be slightly flexible on the price of the car, as following that way you are more likely to find a willing buyer.

Precautions for safety and security:

During this whole process, make sure that you take following precautions for your safety and security.

-Always communicate and deal with the people and /or private dealerships who are willing to meet you face to face and discuss all the terms and conditions openly.

-Also avoid accepting all the post-dated checks as payment (unless you are making a deal with reputable secondhand car dealership). Ideally while you are on way to sell a car, you should always choose to work with cash payments and unless you must need to make sure any postdated cheque is cleared before continuing the transfer process.

This is how you can simply sell your used car in Dubai just like counting 1,2,3. If you wish to sell your used car online in Dubai, crazycarcorner is best choice. Just make a call, we will reach at your exact location for your free car inspection.

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