On-line Poker Bots – Menace or Not?


On-line video games from chess and backgammon to 1st particular person shooters are rife with individuals who use pc assisted play or pc robots – even when there isn’t a cash at stake. With the suitable program any participant is ready to play at a world championship stage ruining the sport for sincere gamers. What makes on-line poker completely different, on condition that there are large quantities of cash at stake?

On this article I’ll clarify how I developed a poker bot and what I learnt from this expertise. My conclusion is that though it’s doable to assemble a poker enjoying bot the menace from poker bots to the web poker participant is extraordinarily small to non-existent.

“Video games” Concept

For curiosity and school programs I had beforehand written pc enjoying packages or bots for video games together with chess, Join four, Othello, backgammon, bridge and varied others. For video games equivalent to Join four, Othello, chess and backgammon the place all gamers have the identical accessible details about the sport state, the speculation on the best way to assemble skilled bots is well-known. Deep search methods, wanting many strikes forward, are used for video games equivalent to Othello and chess. Just lately (10 years in the past) it was found neural networks could possibly be taught to play backgammon higher than nearly any human participant. Video games equivalent to poker and bridge comprise hidden data the place the gamers can see their very own hand however not that of the opposite gamers. The printed concept behind writing skilled pc bots for these incomplete data video games is a long time behind the whole data video games and there are doubts methods will probably be developed in order that computer systems can play at skilled or world championship stage. At current the most effective methods for these incomplete data video games appear to contain some type of simulation and opponent modelling.

Anatomy of An On-line Poker Bot

There are three fundamentals elements to a poker bot:

1) Information Gathering – observing the sport state and historical past

2) Information Processing – utilizing the data from the information gathered to find out whether or not to fold, name or elevate.

three) Output – Urgent the suitable button on the poker site shopper.

My Poker Bot

My program was written in early 2004 with Microsoft .Internet C++ and was developed to play at one on-line room solely. For the technically minded this system relied closely on MFC and the Win32 API.

1) Information Gathering

My bot gathered details about recreation state and historical past from on-line poker tables by taking repeated screenshots and analysing the picture. To start with I simply noticed video games, taking screenshots robotically so I may collect knowledge on the place of the playing cards, chips and button. By figuring out the colour of a sure few pixels I used to be in a position to collect all this details about the state of the sport.

Ultimately I used to be in a position to collect knowledge from a number of poker tables (four at a time) by repeatedly bringing every window to the foreground and taking a screenshot. From this screenshot I used to be in a position to decide my playing cards, board playing cards, button place, who was left within the hand, pot dimension and participant guess sizes situs slot

2) Information processing

That is the element that ultimately purchased my poker bot undertaking to an finish, unable to develop a powerful sufficient technique to win persistently. I attempted varied guidelines primarily based, neural web and simulation methods. At greatest my bot was in a position to make a really small revenue at $half of and $2/$four restrict maintain’em, however nowhere close to the hundreds of per week I envisioned incomes after I began the undertaking. Ultimately it simply wasn’t price my time to proceed to place assets into growing my poker bot additional.

three) Output

This was the simplest element to put in writing. This concerned programmatically transferring the mouse pointer to the suitable display co-ordinates after which sending a mouse down/mouse up command signalling a left-click. I did give consideration to including the power for the bot to make use of chat however by no means progressed that far.


Though you may run right into a poker enjoying bot while enjoying on-line the percentages are it performs very poorly. At any stage of play you’re more likely to run into an skilled human participant than an skilled pc participant.


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